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6 generations...

… now characterise the post office in Pöcking and the seventh is already in the starting blocks. ,,,our family has led an eventful and moving life over several centuries. The history of the Tafernwirtschaft zur Post in Pöcking begins a good three centuries before ours and has been meticulously archived, written down and documented with numerous documents by our grandfather Leonard Poelt.

Our name Poelt...

…also Pölt, Böld, derives from Hippolytus, a martyr as a Roman soldier of Greek tongue.


the first verifiable bearer of the name Pölt appears with Walterhans (Balthasar) Pölt, farmer at the Gradermeier in Oberzeismering parish of Tutzing.


a brother of the heir Paul Pölt marries to the Asenbauer in Oberzeismering. There followed 5 generations of the name Pölt on the Asenbauer (Asam).


Asam’s brother marries the daughter of the farmer, beim Spatz’ in Traubing. Due to several deaths, the first-born Josef Pölt was forced to secure his own livelihood.


He married Maria Schröfl, the daughter of the Huppenberger in Pöcking, and acquired the “Brodführersölde”. The “Wirtschaft zur Post” (inn) diagonally opposite had fallen into disrepair over several generations due to mismanagement, so Josef Pölt acquired the property in 1893. The fact that he only had to pay 27% of the purchase price in cash indicates the macabre situation. Sale of the Brodführersolden in 1802.


His only son and heir was Leonhard Poelt, born in 1826, who married the landlord’s daughter Viktoria Obermeier von Forstenried. His son and heir was Maximilian Pölt. The innkeeper, who had been in good health since 1860, met up with colleagues on the other shore in Leoni in the winter of 1872, riding a small sledge across the frozen lake. On the way back, he collapsed near the shore in Passenhofen and drowned. His body was recovered, his wife heavily pregnant with twins could not just carry on alone.


The widow asked her young brother-in-law Josef Pölt, her husband’s brother, for help. The latter took over the management of the business, which led to the marriage of the two in 1873.


After the death of his wife, the widower Josef married Magdalena Vitzthurn from Hausen three years later in 1878.


The son Clemens Poelt from the third marriage was heir. After participating in the First World War, he married Maria Reff, a landlord’s daughter from Warmannsquick near Eggenfelden, in 1919.

Their youngest son and heir was Leonhard Poelt in 1963

…who married Maria Großmann, innkeeper’s daughter from Münsing on Lake Starnberg, and who has lovingly and meticulously documented the history of the Pölts, the Tafernwirtschaft and the village of Pöcking to this day.

He was awarded the honorary citizenship certificate in 2022 for his services as historian of the municipality of Pöcking.


His son Thomas Poelt and his wife Nadine Poelt have been running the business since 1997.

The Tafernwirtschaft zur Post in Pöcking


Oldest reference to the landlord Johanns in Pöcking (court document 510 HASTA Munich)


List of the tap money, item the Tafern in Pegking gives 5 shillings.


Jörg Wirt List of the Leibgeld (body money).


Liendl Schöttl gives 2 loads of wood from an estate.


Leonhart Schettl Wirt Landsteuer von Weilheim


Georg Kestenberger Würth pays the highest tax in Poecking. Continuous references not possible due to the lack of the decaying Hofmark archives.


Caspar Frias from Passenhofen acquires the inn, which probably fell empty during the 30-year war.


Transfer to the son Thomas Freis and marriage to Anna Pichlmayer of Söcking.


Marriage of the widow Anna Fries to Wolfgang Labhard.


Marriage of the daughter Rosina Fries 1st marriage with Augustin Doll from Seeshaupt.


The widower Augustin Doll marries Maria Anna Griesberger from Weilhaimb.


Augustin Doll of the Tafern Conscription.


The son Nicolaus Doll marries Elisabeth Boxberger.


Second marriage with Elisabeth Lez from Wolfratshausen. From then on, the decline of the business began, as he left the business after the sale.

1774 - 1776

Johann Georg Mayr and Euphenia Mayr.


Marriage of the daughter Maria to Franz Anton Dachsberger.


Sale of the inn to Sebastian Pfaller, who died in 1802. The widow sold the entire inn with land to Jospeh Pölt on 4.1.1803.