Dear guests,
Welcome to the Gasthof zur Post in Pöcking.
We look forward to your visit!

Real Bavarian

We have been open for 200 years – Bavarian genuine. It is understandable that over the years the tastes and the style have changed a little here and there. Because every generation shapes the inn and the current one in particular. My wife Nadine, a trained and active ecotrophologist, creates something with me that has been lost in many places: a cuisine that does without convenience. That’s why people with food intolerances especially love to eat at the Post – because everything is fresh, nothing comes out of a tube or pre-packaged. Everything is just as you would expect at Josef and Maria 1802, except that modern equipment makes cooking so much easier.

We look forward to seeing you!

Nadine und Thomas Poelt

By the way… the flower garlands in the pub were painted by the master painter Heinrich Wäcken from Pöcking in 1920, commissioned by my grandparents Clemens and Maria Poelt. And they are still in bloom … the garlands.